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Posted by: Sheriden - 07-22-2020, 10:48 PM - Forum: Game Rules - No Replies


Time will pass more slowly this round then the last one did.  This is to facilitate the fact that it takes time for our volunteer team of Avatars to process actions, and the pace of previous rounds combined with our evolving game mechanisms has led to burnout among our Avatar team in the past.  Time will pass at a rate of:

1 RL week = 1 SWD Month

In addition to this, to make the math easier...  We are implementing a non-cannon calendar.  This calendar will include 13 months of 28 days.  This is to facilitate the fact that each week in real life has seven days, and at a rate of:

1 RL Day = 4 SWD Days

We can easily subdivide game time into one day units.  We will not further subdivide game time into hours, as we do not want to encourage unhealthy habits like posting at 3am just to have something trigger on a specific day in game time.  Instead you may always specify which day in the four day window your post takes place during.

The official "clock" for this round will be based on Pacific Time, to avoid ambiguity about which "day" you are posting during.

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  Planet List
Posted by: Sheriden - 07-22-2020, 05:38 PM - Forum: Game Rules - No Replies

Round 31 Playable List

The following entities are playable at round start.  Sector Moffs do not directly control the individual worlds within the sector, those worlds are separate playable entities.  Named worlds on this list are fully stated out and playable.  Each sector in this region is assumed to have ~250 habitable and fully colonized worlds.  Those worlds, even if named in lore, but not included on the map (and this list) are represented as part of the Sector Wide stat block and are not directly playable.

If you choose to play as a specific world you will have full control of the planet in the traditional Star Wars: Diplomacy style, however your resources will be more limited than those of say a Sector Moff or Fleet Admiral, and you will have less voting power in the Council of Moffs.  On the plus side some of these worlds have access to specific resources like a greater share of the available production capacity or population.  Individual worlds will be within the jurisdiction of a Sector Moff who among other things is entitled to levy taxes against the planet.

Please note that Gilad Pellaeon, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, is an NPC.  Selecting Bastion as your world does not make you more powerful than any other world - though it does give you control of the capital.  Fleet Admirals will have control over a significant portion of the Imperial Fleet, but they will have no economy or resources to speak of.  They are dependent on the government to fund their fleet upkeep.  They represent an opportunity for a player to focus exclusively on Mili and Intel style game play - But they will only be made playable if we have sufficient players to fill all of the Sectors and several planets.

Players will be required to submit an application with at least three ranked choices, at least one of the choices must be a Sector Moff, and at least one choice must be a specific world.  The Avatar team will assign your choices based on the needs of the round and the story.

Choose who you want to play carefully.

Braxant Sector Moff
  • Anorelga
  • Bastion
  • Bnar
  • Rimcee
Obtrexta Sector Moff
  • Bescane
  • Dolis
  • Jaemus
  • Muunilinst
  • Varvrona
Dynali Sector Moff
  • Ord Thoden
  • Taspir
Carrion Sector Moff
  • Delephr
  • Gelda
  • Vexta
Perinn Sector Moff
  • Brodo Asogi
  • Cantras Gola
  • Parshoone
  • Valc
Imperial Clacis Sector Moff
  • Bisellia
  • Cezith
  • Dactruria
  • Endoraan
  • Ord Sedra
Velcar Sector Moff
  • Bextar
  • Capza
  • Churruma
  • Endex
  • Entralla
  • Ryloon
Imperial Prefsbelt Sector Moff
  • Borosk
  • Marquarra
  • Ompersan
  • Prefsbelt
  • Yaga Minor

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Posted by: Sheriden - 07-22-2020, 05:31 PM - Forum: Game Rules - No Replies

Round 31 Economics

This round we are using an integrated planet spreadsheet.  We have generated stats for more worlds and Sectors then usual, but confined those worlds to a more limited region of the galaxy. All game statistics interact with one another on the spreadsheet, meaning that changes will have far reaching consequences.  Initial values were procedurally generated based on the Galactic Population Map

Like in previous rounds player actions can be used to modify your planet statistics.  Also like recent rounds, your actions will first have an impact on base statistics like Population and GDP and only with great merit be considered for secondary effects altering Population Growth and GDP Growth directly.  But your population Growth and GDP Growth statistics are dynamic because of our spreadsheet so they will be changing regardless of your actions.

Unlike previous rounds, Population and Population Growth will matter.  Both numbers are integrated into our spreadsheet and included in the formulas that dictate GDP growth and your interest rates.  Bigger is not always better though.  Population and GDP growth should be managed to keep your per capita growth equitable or you may find yourself dealing with inflation or worse - deflation of your economy.

Also unlike previous rounds the debt interest rate is not static.  Your planet will pay an interest rate that changes based on the strength of your economy.  This number is dynamic and will change based on how you manage the balance between your GDP, Debt, and Treasury.  This number cannot be changed manually, only by manipulating the balance of your Debt and treasury.  Which means for the first time in a long time, paying off your debt and taking out more debt is now possible.

We have also implemented a system where you can earn interest on the money you leave in your treasury at the end of the fiscal year.  Like debt, the interest rate on this account is flexible and will change based on your economy and the size of your investment.  But be warned, only under very rare circumstances will you earn more interest on your treasury then you pay on your debt.

While we will not reveal the exact formulas, so as to avoid gaming the system, some broad stroke are included below:

Debt Interest Rates are determined based on the Debt / GDP ratio.  A higher ratio yields a higher interest rate.

Treasury Interest Rates are determined based on the Treasury / GDP ratio correlated against your Debt Interest Rate.  A higher ratio yields a higher interest rate.  Remember that the people willing to invest in your economy are often the same people who “own” your debt, and they will expect your planet to maintain a healthy amount of debt for them to profit from.

Population Growth numbers will drift based on regional averages, as a means of simulating immigration and emigration on top of local birth and death rates.  Growing the size of the Imperial Remnant is the best means of increasing population growth (or decreasing the rate of population loss), as you widen the pool of planets that may immigrate to your world.

GDP Growth varies based on how your Per Capita GDP (GDP/Population) varies from a value of 1600 and how your Debt to GDP  ratio varies from 1.05; therefore manipulating your debt, treasury, and population are the best tools to manipulate your GDP.

Tax Payments by planetary governments are paid to the local Sector Moff.  The tax rate is set by the Sector Moff - though they should be mindful not to set tax rates too high and choke local growth. After the tax rate is set GDP is divided by an integer and the debt interest payment is subtracted before multiplying the result by the tax rate.  If this total is not a positive number no taxes are paid, otherwise this total is subtracted from the eventual income earned by the planet.  Treasury Interest is gained and Military Upkeep is subtracted from income after taxes are paid.

Sector Income and Tax Payments are handled slightly differently. Sector Income is equal to the taxes paid by the worlds located in the sector (including the unnamed worlds which are stated out as a group) in addition to any interest earned from treasury, minus upkeep and interest paid because of debt.  Sectors in turn must pay taxes to the Imperial Remnant.  The Imperial Tax rate is set by the Council of Moffs and charged directly to the Sector Governments, individual planets are exempt.  The tax rate is applied against a derivative of the sector wide GDP modified by population and the strength of the economy (GDP per capita).

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Posted by: Sheriden - 07-22-2020, 05:27 PM - Forum: Game Rules - No Replies

Round 31 Methodology

Simply put, we don’t have the player base that we once had, when dozens of players actively competed for control of the galactic narrative and multiple organizations could not only compete with one another but the players within those organizations could compete for control of the organization.

This round is an experiment in reducing the scope of game play.  By limiting players to a single organization and encouraging them to work cooperatively we hope to see a more robust round.  Staff have worked hard to build a round that is full of opportunities for players to engage in all aspects of the game (Domestic, Political, Military, Economic, Tech, Intel) even though the round has a smaller scope.

But building this round accomplished more than just a smaller setting where players are pushed in close to one another to help drive the action… Because we had less to “build” we built in greater depth.  We have stated out every world in the playable region.  These game stats will become part of a collection of information that we can build upon in future rounds.

By setting future rounds in similar limited scope settings we can build upon these more detailed collections of game stats to flesh out (eventually) a full galactic economy.  Future rounds can be set in “The Slice” and focus on the Hutt Clans and the more fast and loose worlds of the galaxy, or the “Southern Core” and focus on the worlds of the Tapani Sector and its neighbors.

But this does not mean that all future rounds will be run with this new limited scope.  Work on this round started over a year ago and between these more limited scope rounds other Avatar teams may wish to run more classic style rounds - particularly if more members of our community return to the game or new members are recruited.

In the long term, our hope is that by running these “smaller” rounds we will be able to collect and create enough data to build a robust economics engine and more streamlined production and technology systems that allow for a gaming experience that feels bigger and requires less avatar maintenance (without the need for expensive coders or the risk of site crashes).

Please help us make this a successful experiment by committing yourself fully to the concept, working more cooperatively with your fellow players, while still engaging in the bloodthirsty everyone out for themselves mentality that we all know runs deep in this community.

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Posted by: Sheriden - 07-22-2020, 05:25 PM - Forum: Game Rules - No Replies

Round 31 Setting

Round 31 will take place following the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty in 19 ABY.

At the beginning of the round all playable entities will be located in the Imperial Remnant.  And the scope of the round will be limited to Outer Rim sectors located within the New Territories.

All entities outside of the Imperial Remnant will be run as NPC worlds, have been fully stated out, and can be interacted with diplomatically, economically, and militarily.  Should those entities join the Imperial Remnant, through conquest or diplomacy, they will become playable.

Keep in mind that in this time period, the New Republic has won the war, and the Imperial Remnant can ill afford the massive fleet of Star Destroyers and other weapons of war it still maintains.  It will be necessary for players to work together closely to repair the struggling Imperial Economy; repair, retire, and rejuvenate the Imperial Navy; and reconquer lost territories through careful force of arms and diplomacy.  Do not risk war with the New Republic too quickly or it might bring the full might of its fleet against you - instead consider waiting until its forces are busy elsewhere or foolish worlds on your border give you just cause for war.

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  Unrelated to this round....
Posted by: Sheriden - 07-06-2020, 02:26 AM - Forum: Game Related Discussions - Replies (7)

Unrelated to the current round, I'd appreciate some thoughts from the community on the following obscure topic.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being your average industrial world, and with 10 being Kuat, how would you rate the industrial capacity of the following worlds:

Cantras Gola
Yaga Minor
Ord Cestus

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  House Bill 32-1
Posted by: Sheriden - 05-30-2020, 04:50 PM - Forum: Example Planet Forum - Replies (1)

[Image: y2v6N1CIUIvpLEF9zGiRikgfrYN7Mi7NG_Hgzbxe...A4EEYKZ1Mj]
The Citizen's Republic of Corulag
House Bill 32-1

Presented to the House of Citizens
On behalf of the Prime Minister

Curamelle City, Corulag - The House of Citizens
Parliament passes HB32-1, authorizing small business grants, unanimously

Corulag has long been known for the luxury goods it exports throughout the core and in civilized corners of the galaxy.  Today, the House of Citizens, voted unanimously to approve  HB32-1 authorizing a new small business grant program intended to inspire growth and diversification in the luxury goods market.

With many worlds throughout the Republic refocusing their economies on industrial goods and war provisions the time is ripe for Corulag to assert dominance in the trade of those goods which may become more scarce in the future.  The grant program will enable artists, craftsmen, and various creative entrepreneurs to open new workshops and studios to produce goods for export.

Individuals wishing to open new studios and workshops will be eligible for an initial grant to finance the creation of sample products, which if approved for export by the Ministry of Culture, will unlock additional grant funding for the creation of permanent facilities to continue manufacture of the goods. The third and final tier of grants is reserved for artisans who begin successfully exporting luxury goods to allow them to expand their staffing and increase production. The nature of the program is designed to limit grant accessibility to individuals and small enterprises and not existing producers.

The bill authorizes the Minister of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture to establish grant offices, hire personnel, advertise the program, issue grants, review proposals, and approve advancement through the three tiers of grant funding. The program budget allocates funding over a ten year period, with 1,000,000,000 credits in total funding. Because of the limited window of funding availability the government hopes to avoid the creation of a new permanent bureaucracy or infrastructure costs.


Action expectations:
Decrease in treasury of 1,000,000,000 credits
Increase in GDP as production of Luxury Goods increases

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  Round Continuation/Future
Posted by: Srip - 05-29-2020, 01:19 AM - Forum: General Discussions - Replies (1)

Due to the clusterfuck of a situation, and many players quitting on us, the round is up in the air. I will leave it up to the players to determine how we proceed going forward.

1) End the Round
2) Continue the round

No reasons or posts are required, so I'm pinning and closing the thread.

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  What Are You Listening To Right Now? (An Old Favorite)
Posted by: Sam Baxter - 05-15-2020, 06:28 PM - Forum: General Discussions - Replies (5)

This used to be a popular thread on the old site. I'm curious if that's still the case.

So, what are you listening to right now?

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  Important Links
Posted by: Srip - 04-08-2020, 10:30 PM - Forum: Game Rules - No Replies


Discord Channel

Round 31 Hex Map

The New Territories

If there is an important link you want added, post it here.

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