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Economic News - Sheriden - 08-13-2020

Economic News

RE: Economic News - Proxy Moxie - 12-31-2020

Bextar Bets on Gas Exports

[Image: 40822796_640.jpg]
Bextar-2 a growing world of only a few millions will soon see increased traffic and even population growth due to expanding extraction efforts.

Hoping to build upon their own narrow aversion of the Imperial wide post-war recession, the humble system of Bextar has been continuing to hedge itself upon it's greatest resource, that of it's massive gas reserves on it's worlds. While a long time site for the Amber Sun Mining Corporation's extraction facilities, the system government is keen to grow it's own profits by acting as a future sector-wide middleman for gas exports and transport with it's own fleet of gas freighters.

The new project, dubbed theĀ Bextar Gas Shipping Shipyard (BGSS) will be able to produce medium-sized but cheap to build "Bextar Merchants" for both the system government and Imperial orders. Project manager Ren Kydor shared his vision for the system, "While initially the goal will be to grow Bextar's manufacturing capacities and the industries that will exist to support not only the shipyard but the manufacturing, our later goal is to become a major shipbuilder for commercial transports for the Empire and even potentially abroad in the future!" which has boosted the spirits of the population of the small system as it's seen sharp population declines in recent decades.

Although optimistic Bextar is the first in the Empire to encounter one of the obstacles set out for the remnant, import costs imposed by the Republic have resulted in a stark increase in the cost of goods, including those for the construction of Shipwrights facilities, resulting in an expense unheard of outside of the Imperial Remnant, still despite these obstacles Bextar is still projected to be abel to double the size of it's, albeit small, Shipwrights industry within the year.

Results listed in action

RE: Economic News - Proxy Moxie - 12-31-2020

Not without incident
The Imperial Governorship of Endex, a world covered in deep canyons and ravines and home to the Imperial enslaved Entymal Hives, has established a small quarry on the world. Though the project is not a bad idea, investment is relatively low, leading to only small returns for the Endex governorship. Despite this the product has taken off in Imperial markets, on account of the difficulty obtaining quality materials from abroad Endex new stone based construction materials has seen an explosion of interest, dampened only by the constriction in supply in relation to demand. For the time being the product is only available to those with the deepest product, though some economists estimate this could be a potential boon for Endex, providing the Empire with a much needed domestic product to compete with the artificial constraints placed on exports to the Empire by the now galaxy-spanning New Republic.
Regardless of the potential the project has not met without incident, the Governorship of Endex seeming to abide with treatise outlawing slavery in the Empire has attempted to structure for-gain employment system inclusive of the Entymals, one which the Entymals, long standing slaves of the Empire, are largely unfamiliar with. This has resulted in the ostracization by their hives of those drones rejected by what the Entymals see as their taskmasters. Thoug hthe issue remains small at this time, largely due to the small size of the project in question, reports have been issued in the areas near those Hives providing workforce for the Empires newest project of instances of criminal activity involving Entymals.
Meanwhile the human inhabitants of Endex still regard the Entymals as an inferior class, as many are not by much divorced from the customs of Human High Culture.
Quarry established
Outlook is good, supply is constricted, but demand is high
Some reports of criminal activity involving Entymals
Refer to Adjutant's Report

RE: Economic News - Proxy Moxie - 12-31-2020

Moderate returns expected
Sartinaynia System, Braxtant Sector - Prospectors on behalf of the Governorship of Bastion have discovered viable pockets of various forms of gasses in the Sartinaynian System Gas Giant, the gasses are diverse and have a variety of uses, allowing Bastion to profit while providing benefit to the Remnant Sectors. Investment has been mostly directed towards the production of high quality spin-sealed Tibanna Gas, however such is extraordinarily costly and as such returns are less than ideal, the high investment in the project however has yielded as best as can be expected.
The effort to produce these gasses however has served the Imperial Military however and allieviated some of the pressure from Republican constriction of weapons grade materials into the Empire. More civilian oriented uses have also proven fairly profitable with costs being more affordable (if production fails to meet demand) than similar products imported from Republic held space.
Results as per adjutants report

RE: Economic News - Proxy Moxie - 01-02-2021

Outsiders wary of Empire
Entralla, Velcar Sector - As part of a plan to shore up the Empires military capacities the Governorship of Entralla has announced a plan to construct nearly 9000 TPC in two years. Spokemen for the Entralla Governorship ahve indicated their plan is to rival Yago Minor as the shipbuilding center of the Imperial Remnant; a plan which has been met with approval from those other than the Shipwrights of Yaga Minor, who have begun to view Entralla as something of a rival.
A second portion of the Entrallan plan was to entice civilians from outside the Empire to immigrate to Entralla for jobs, though few have heeded the call. Most outside of the Empire either are distrustful of the Empire, or lack the means to relocate themselves. Economic experts have expressed opinion that it would be more successful to attempt to recruit and immigrate from within the Imperial Remnant.
Resualts as per Adjutants Report

RE: Economic News - Proxy Moxie - 01-02-2021

Experts question wisdom and viability
Bastion, Braxtant Sector - The Governorship of Bastion has invested nearly a billion credits into a project meant to build an advanced model of supercomputer to handle day to day operations of running Bastions infrastructure programs. While the program has already met with some success and shown some return, those on the project have reported the machine begining to exhibit an unexpected degree of independence. This has raised the alarm among many of the Imperial brass, particularly those who recall the betrayal of one such similar machine which defected to the Rebel Alliance. Historical experts have also pointed to the distant past when such projects had also met, ultimately, with failure. Altogether leading to express of considerable concern over the project and it's penultimate outcome.
Project underway, some success registered
Machine has begun to show signs of rampancy and unexpected independence
Experts express concerns over the project, anticipate an ultimately negative outcome

RE: Economic News - Shadows - 01-04-2021

Office of Imperial Governor to Hold Planetary Budget Hearings

Parshoone -

The Office of the Imperial Governor has announced a plan to hold a series of public hearings on the planetary budget in various regions across the planets for the purpose of identifying what priorities the planetary budget may supplement for economic recovery. Governor Delryn Kraylis noted that it is his intention to apply funds to reinforce efforts by local authorities to shore up infrastructure, healthcare, housing, and business development and retention. "The officials closest to the public and the public themselves is welcome to come and share their insights and requests at these events. We need to use the power of the Imperial planetary administration's budget to help the people of this planet and in doing so, help the Empire," said Kraylis. The events will be available to attend in-person and via the HoloNet. Speaking time will be allotted through pre-registration and each hearing's speakers will be limited to the pool of residents from within that region or continent, while attendance will be open to all.

Public hearing will take up to the first third of the agenda, while local and regional officials will take up the second third with presentations on the current situation and requests. The final third will consist of a discussion led by the Imperial governor with local officials and will include a conclusion of follow up steps including directives if necessary. The hearings are scheduled for a maximum of six hours each.

Governor Kraylis has noted he intends to take these insights into the release of the budget and present it shortly after this round of hearings. "The economic situation calls for a clear understanding of how to maximize the impact of our annual budget," said Kraylis.

Private report

RE: Economic News - Proxy Moxie - 01-04-2021

Amidst an economic depression that has seriously disrupted the economy of Capza, the local Imperial Governor, Garret Kelso, has initiated the formation of the Capza Agricultural Corporation (Capza Agco). The new corporation has been charged with exploiting the planet's fertile landscape, raising funds to develop a variety of farms and ranches. Additionally, Capza is expected to build a home-grown Imperial Agricultural Academy and a local laboratory to support biology studies, enabling it to slowly rebuild a cadre of highly knowledge scientists focused on maximizing food production.

The move is designed to transform Capza into the Empire's breadbasket, helping eliminate various imports from the New Republic. Among basic products such as grains, vegetables, and fruits, Capza's Agco is also expected to offer customers home-grown animals and beats of burden for sale, as well as luxury products such as ornamental planets, flowers, and prized woods for interior finishes.

There are many former landowners on Capza who are quite disgruntled with the state of affairs involving the effective seizure of their land (compensated or not) by the state. Many had been proud landowners and were infuriated to see their lands confiscated to sustain Imperial projects. Though many were offered jobs working for the new state owned corporation, most refused instead taking the money and leaving Capza in disgust.
Economy in growth
Approval down
Emmigration up

RE: Economic News - Proxy Moxie - 01-04-2021

Borosk, It's the BOMB
The Borosk Orbital Mining and Burrowing Company that is

Borosk has recently invested a substantive amount of credits towards the creation of the Borosk Orbital Mining and Burrowing Company, with the intent of mining the asteroid belt that orbits Borosk, and eventually even mine Borosk proper itself. The initial investment by the High Moff, from Borosk's treasury of course, has produced enough initial capital for the company to hire workers, purchase a few mining freighters and barges, and buy a single EVS Construction Droid, known for its inclusion of a molecular furnace.

The process is fairly simple for the company, having been given an extensive lease on the asteroid belt, where a mining tug utilizes its tractor beam to move an asteroid to a "collection point" wherein a mining barge will collect it, and return to the planets surface. Upon dropping the asteroid off at another collection point, the EVS Construction Droid will utilize its assets to disassemble the asteroid, and then process the materials in its molecular furnace. The new materials are assembled into ingots or a collection of other sorts of manufacturing items, where they are sent off to a warehouse and sold to Imperial buyers at a much cheaper rate than the products coming from the New Republic.

Undercutting prices for imported goods hasn't quite had the intended effect which Borosk's governorship intended, at least not immediately. BOMBs growth has been slowed by the plan, however this is seen largely as a temporary setback and it is believed, with time, BOMBs product will reach a much higher market saturation.

Growth stunted by price undercutting competitors, regarded as a temporary setback
BOMB sees small successes despite slow start

RE: Economic News - Proxy Moxie - 01-05-2021

Bextar Shipyards Gain Skilled Hands
[Image: 9cb9719bc336a106e2eb52777a45804a.jpg]

In the center of Bextar-Prime, traffic is remarkably increasing over the past few weeks as new shuttle arrivals increase from around the outer rim.
As Bextar continues to poise itself to become a growing shipbuilder in Velcar sector, it continues to follow this trend by looking for the the galaxy-renowned Yaga species as a growing number of their skilled and supervisory workforce for future production and expansion of their shipyards. Lured by high wages and pensions, long contracts and guaranteed employment, it has attracted attention among the diaspora of the Imperial Remnant and the neighboring sectors.

Owing largely to the efforts of Grand Admiral Gillaad Pallaeon, the Yagai are much more receptive to the Imperial Remnant than other former slave species and as such many Yagai took up on the offer of employment. Although the shipyards still employ a majority of humans in skilled technical fields. There have been few reports of discrimination on the part of human employees towards Yagai, but no major incidents have been reported. Conversely teh Bextar Shipyards now employ a significant abundance of Yagai Drones, to the degree that four in every five Shipyard laborers on Bextar are now Yagai Drones.


4/5 of Bextars shipyard laborers are now Yagai Drones
Sentient Yagai immigrant workers lend valuable expertise to shipyards
Discontent expressed by some humans, no reports of major incidents of speceism

Other results as per adjutants report