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Carrion Sector News - Aces - 01-03-2021

Bringing you the latest news from the Carrion Sector.

RE: Carrion Sector News - Aces - 01-03-2021

New Sector Fleet Commander

From Carrion Sector's capital system of Delephr, Moff Jakon Leitharc has released the following announcement:

Quote:I hereby appoint High Admiral Regal Mendenhall (OOC: winisle) as the new commander of the Carrion Sector's defense forces, reporting directly to myself. The previous commander has decided to retire and I offer him the gratitude of our sector for his many years of loyal service to the Empire.

High Admiral Mendenhall has been tasked with re-organizing the sector's forces and I am confident the High Admiral will serve our sector and the Empire well.

Unconfirmed sources are reporting that Moff Leitharc is continuing to personally command a portion of the sector's forces.