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Delephr News Network - winisle - 01-05-2021

Delephr looks ahead
The new Governor of Delephr, Clar Lendlin, is an austere looking woman in what looks like her late thirties. Far from a classic beauty, what strikes this reporter when speaking to her is her eyes, and the force of her personality. It is obvious that she has plans for Delephr, plans that will see this quiet, slightly rundown, backwaters planet in the New Territories change.

Delephr has multiple issues, such as a declining population, a lack of work, of education, or substandard living conditions for the majority of the population, you name it. 
That said, the rumour mill is working overtime, with reports on several major new projects planned for the system, including a new large orbital space dock being built, with the Carrion Sector investing heavily. The most fanciful reports are talking about a plan to build a shipyard rivalling the Fondor Shipyards, but experts dismisses those plans as highly implausible, as the Imperial Remnant does not have a need for that much shipbuilding capacity, and the simple fact that the establishment of a shipyard rivalling Fondor would cost in the region of 200 billion credits.
There have also been several sightings of excited, but tight-lipped geologists and mining specialists that has many on Delephr thinking that there is a major find of natural resources in the system. Finally, it is reported that the educational system on Delephr is facing a major overhaul and upgrade. 

When asked about all this, Governor Lendlin nods slightly, smiles, and says: “I don’t expect anyone living on Delephr, or considering to move here, to be disappointed.”