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Round XXXI Screen Crawl

15 Dark Years have passed since the assassination of EMPEROR PALPATINE by terrorists in the REBEL ALLIANCE, plunging the galaxy into chaos and disarray! Pressing their advantage the rebel malcontents have severed the Empire from it's rightful seat of governance of Imperial Center on CORUSCANT, establishing instead their own pretender government styled the NEW REPUBLIC. Yet all is not lost, for the valiant FLEET ADMIRAL GILAAD PALLEON has mustered and consolidated the IMPERIAL REMNANT at the very spinward head of the NEW TERRITORIES. Concentrating the last shining bastion of IMPERIAL ORDER AND AUTHORITY together to stand tall and immovable before the vile corruption of Republicanism. With the signing of the PALLEON-GAVRISOM TREATY the galaxy settles into an all but silent cold war as the COUNCIL OF MOFFS debates it's next moves . . .

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