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House Bill 32-1
Note: This is a random example of an action. I do not claim that it is a particularly good or bad action. But if you need help figuring out what to include in an action because you've never written one before or because it's been a long time since you last wrote one... Here is an example from something I wrote last round.

This action benefits from doubling both as a summary of what I was trying to achieve and as an article that could be posted by the avatar team to the Holonet News. It also summarizes the expected results at the bottom, which the avatar team is free to edit when processing the results of the action. After results have been posted you should note the changes in any ledgers you are keeping (particularly if the results include changes to your treasury or OOB).

As the Head Admin for Round 31 it is my preference that each action you submit be a new thread, rather then part of a single thread for all actions, as I do not like having to scroll through long threads looking for specific posts. This expectation may differ with future Admins, but shall be the norm for this round. Further, I recommend (and may require) that you keep a ledger of all actions submitted with links to the posts so that it is easy for the avatar team (or a new player taking over your planet) to review what you have done previously.

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