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Round 31 Setting

Round 31 will take place following the signing of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty in 19 ABY.

At the beginning of the round all playable entities will be located in the Imperial Remnant.  And the scope of the round will be limited to Outer Rim sectors located within the New Territories.

All entities outside of the Imperial Remnant will be run as NPC worlds, have been fully stated out, and can be interacted with diplomatically, economically, and militarily.  Should those entities join the Imperial Remnant, through conquest or diplomacy, they will become playable.

Keep in mind that in this time period, the New Republic has won the war, and the Imperial Remnant can ill afford the massive fleet of Star Destroyers and other weapons of war it still maintains.  It will be necessary for players to work together closely to repair the struggling Imperial Economy; repair, retire, and rejuvenate the Imperial Navy; and reconquer lost territories through careful force of arms and diplomacy.  Do not risk war with the New Republic too quickly or it might bring the full might of its fleet against you - instead consider waiting until its forces are busy elsewhere or foolish worlds on your border give you just cause for war.

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