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Round 31 Methodology

Simply put, we don’t have the player base that we once had, when dozens of players actively competed for control of the galactic narrative and multiple organizations could not only compete with one another but the players within those organizations could compete for control of the organization.

This round is an experiment in reducing the scope of game play.  By limiting players to a single organization and encouraging them to work cooperatively we hope to see a more robust round.  Staff have worked hard to build a round that is full of opportunities for players to engage in all aspects of the game (Domestic, Political, Military, Economic, Tech, Intel) even though the round has a smaller scope.

But building this round accomplished more than just a smaller setting where players are pushed in close to one another to help drive the action… Because we had less to “build” we built in greater depth.  We have stated out every world in the playable region.  These game stats will become part of a collection of information that we can build upon in future rounds.

By setting future rounds in similar limited scope settings we can build upon these more detailed collections of game stats to flesh out (eventually) a full galactic economy.  Future rounds can be set in “The Slice” and focus on the Hutt Clans and the more fast and loose worlds of the galaxy, or the “Southern Core” and focus on the worlds of the Tapani Sector and its neighbors.

But this does not mean that all future rounds will be run with this new limited scope.  Work on this round started over a year ago and between these more limited scope rounds other Avatar teams may wish to run more classic style rounds - particularly if more members of our community return to the game or new members are recruited.

In the long term, our hope is that by running these “smaller” rounds we will be able to collect and create enough data to build a robust economics engine and more streamlined production and technology systems that allow for a gaming experience that feels bigger and requires less avatar maintenance (without the need for expensive coders or the risk of site crashes).

Please help us make this a successful experiment by committing yourself fully to the concept, working more cooperatively with your fellow players, while still engaging in the bloodthirsty everyone out for themselves mentality that we all know runs deep in this community.

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