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Planet List
Round 31 Playable List

The following entities are playable at round start.  Sector Moffs do not directly control the individual worlds within the sector, those worlds are separate playable entities.  Named worlds on this list are fully stated out and playable.  Each sector in this region is assumed to have ~250 habitable and fully colonized worlds.  Those worlds, even if named in lore, but not included on the map (and this list) are represented as part of the Sector Wide stat block and are not directly playable.

If you choose to play as a specific world you will have full control of the planet in the traditional Star Wars: Diplomacy style, however your resources will be more limited than those of say a Sector Moff or Fleet Admiral, and you will have less voting power in the Council of Moffs.  On the plus side some of these worlds have access to specific resources like a greater share of the available production capacity or population.  Individual worlds will be within the jurisdiction of a Sector Moff who among other things is entitled to levy taxes against the planet.

Please note that Gilad Pellaeon, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, is an NPC.  Selecting Bastion as your world does not make you more powerful than any other world - though it does give you control of the capital.  Fleet Admirals will have control over a significant portion of the Imperial Fleet, but they will have no economy or resources to speak of.  They are dependent on the government to fund their fleet upkeep.  They represent an opportunity for a player to focus exclusively on Mili and Intel style game play - But they will only be made playable if we have sufficient players to fill all of the Sectors and several planets.

Players will be required to submit an application with at least three ranked choices, at least one of the choices must be a Sector Moff, and at least one choice must be a specific world.  The Avatar team will assign your choices based on the needs of the round and the story.

Choose who you want to play carefully.

Braxant Sector Moff
  • Anorelga
  • Bastion
  • Bnar
  • Rimcee
Obtrexta Sector Moff
  • Bescane
  • Dolis
  • Jaemus
  • Muunilinst
  • Varvrona
Dynali Sector Moff
  • Ord Thoden
  • Taspir
Carrion Sector Moff
  • Delephr
  • Gelda
  • Vexta
Perinn Sector Moff
  • Brodo Asogi
  • Cantras Gola
  • Parshoone
  • Valc
Imperial Clacis Sector Moff
  • Bisellia
  • Cezith
  • Dactruria
  • Endoraan
  • Ord Sedra
Velcar Sector Moff
  • Bextar
  • Capza
  • Churruma
  • Endex
  • Entralla
  • Ryloon
Imperial Prefsbelt Sector Moff
  • Borosk
  • Marquarra
  • Ompersan
  • Prefsbelt
  • Yaga Minor

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