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Time will pass more slowly this round then the last one did.  This is to facilitate the fact that it takes time for our volunteer team of Avatars to process actions, and the pace of previous rounds combined with our evolving game mechanisms has led to burnout among our Avatar team in the past.  Time will pass at a rate of:

1 RL week = 1 SWD Month

In addition to this, to make the math easier...  We are implementing a non-cannon calendar.  This calendar will include 13 months of 28 days.  This is to facilitate the fact that each week in real life has seven days, and at a rate of:

1 RL Day = 4 SWD Days

We can easily subdivide game time into one day units.  We will not further subdivide game time into hours, as we do not want to encourage unhealthy habits like posting at 3am just to have something trigger on a specific day in game time.  Instead you may always specify which day in the four day window your post takes place during.

The official "clock" for this round will be based on Pacific Time, to avoid ambiguity about which "day" you are posting during.

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