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Forum Introduction
What is Star Wars: Diplomacy?:
This game is a text based simulation game, where players take on the role of a planetary (or sector) government in the Star Wars Universe. Players interact with one another as those representatives to participate in the galactic government (or to antagonize foreign powers) and write posts called "Actions" to represent the actions taken by their government. These actions can represent military deployments, technological research, economic policy, public relations endeavors, diplomacy with foreign worlds, construction of starships, and any other sort of activity you can imagine. These Actions are moderated by our Avatar team, who adjudicate the results of your actions similarly to how a Dungeon Master would run a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Your results will be determined based on how well you present your ideas, how feasible they seem, and other "outside" factors you may not be aware of that the avatars are keeping track of.

What is a Planet Forum?:
These forums are where your planet's stats, military units, your own action threads, and other important information go. In each planet forum you will find a Planet Stats and Military Stats thread posted by the Admins/Avatars. These threads are the only official record of your basic planet stats, and will be kept updated for you. The other threads are something you will have to manage yourself. At the beginning of the game there will be very little information in your forum, but by the end you will have posted numerous actions which the Avatars will have responded to with results which you can catalog as a sort of history of your efforts.

Example Planet Forum:
First and foremost, we're trying to make this easy. We've made an example planet forum for you to look at. All threads that are not closed are threads you as the player are responsible for making and keeping up to date. Each thread has a brief description of what to do.

Action Threads:
When you post a new action, you will need to inform the avatars that it is waiting for moderation. To do this, you post a link to the action in our Action Submission thread. It is now in the queue to be moderated. The avatar who processes your action will reply to your post by quoting your action (to create a record of your post that cannot be edited) and will include the ether the results you have earned, questions or requests for more details, or ideas about how you might want to recraft your action if it seems prone to failure.

Order of Battle:
In addition to your actions threads you will also need to post an Order of Battle. This is especially critical for entities with multiple planets, since if you do not specify where your forces are we will always assume they are in orbit of your capital world, or on its surface. We are not requiring you to go into the tiny details for this Order of Battle. All that is required of you is a breakdown of what forces you have where. This does include operations, however, so if you are conducting military actions make sure you detail which forces are involved and track it in your Order of Battle.

Action Log
Your Planet forum is a private place where you collect information about your world, no other player has access to it. But you are not the only person with access. Members of the Avatar team all have access so that they can process your actions. It is important that your forum remain easy to navigate and that information be easy to find. For this reason we request that you maintain an Action Log that catalogs everything you have done as a player. Every time an avatar responds to one of your actions the Action Log should be updated to include a new link to those results. In this way you, and the avatar team, will be more easily able to keep track of your activities throughout the game. You may also want to use this log to track when in progress actions are due for review by the avatar team. Please look at the example planet forum for ideas about what your Action Log should look like.

The last thread you as a player needs to post is a treasury thread. This thread will be used to keep track of your spending. It is your responsibility to make sure your treasury is kept up to date, and if a staff member finds you have not done so and are over spending, there will be consequences. You will make a separate post for each year and use that post throughout the year. Your starting budget will be provided in the Planet Stats thread of your forum once budgets are processed each year.

Original Post Credit to Shadows

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