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Code of Conduct
The following Code of Conduct was drafted in response to feedback, both constructive and hostile, with the intention of ensuring that we have a transparent and equitable system of regulating disruptive behavior. It is important to remember that our behavior both in game and out of character has an impact on the recruitment and retention of new players, and it is therefore in all of our interests that we maintain a civil and constructive community in which to play our game. Continued participation in this community in any form constitutes your acceptance of this Code of Conduct. If you have concerns about it's provisions or suggestions for improvement, those comments may be forwarded to any member of the Administrative Team for consideration.

Code of Conduct

1. Administrative Team: The Forum Administrator, the Head Avatar, and the Chief of Staff comprise the Administrative Team and are responsible for managing the game and the community forums. During the course of the round they represent the final authority for resolving all disputes and are responsible for ensuring that all staff and community members adhere to the rules and behave appropriately. If you have concerns with how a member of the Administrative Team has behaved during the round, you should address those concerns to the another member of the team so that they may attempt to resolve the situation.

2. Avatar Responsibilities: The Avatar Team, including the Chief of Staff, is appointed by the Head Avatar to process actions during the game round. It is the responsibility of this team to process actions, in the order they are submitted, as quickly and impartially as possible. Members of the team are permitted to play a planet at the discretion of the Head Avatar, but never to process an action they submitted or which affects their world. Avatars are authorized to process an action without peer review, though they are encouraged to solicit feedback from other members of the team when actions are complicated or have far reaching consequences. If you have concerns about how an action is processed, you may raise those concerns by following the grievance Procedures laid out bellow.

3. Grievance Procedures: If you have a concern regarding the results of an action, you are responsible for voicing those concerns, failure to voice a concern prevents our team from correcting errors. A concern should first be brought to the attention of the Avatar responsible for processing the action. It is not appropriate to publicly discuss your concern in the out of character forums or in chat prior to raising the issue with responsible party. Doing so will result in a warning being issued by a member of the Administrative Team. If after discussing your concern with the individual who originally processed that action you are unable to resolve the matter, you may bring your concern to any member of the Administrative Team. The Administrator will review your concern with the Administrative Team and they will make a final ruling.

In attempting to resolve a concern, it is important to remember that criticism of a member of the community will not be considered, and may distract from the ability of our staff to address your concern. Likewise, not all concerns brought before staff will result in an article being overturned or amended, but it is our goal that your concerns will always receive a fair and impartial hearing. If you feel that this has not taken place, you should speak with a member of the Administrative Team who is not involved in the debate. Please remember that not every ruling will be in your favor and that civility is critical for the ongoing continuation of our community.

4. In Character Conduct: During the course of the game, all members of the community are expected to conduct themselves ethically and constructively. Unsportsmanlike conduct is frowned upon and may result in a warning being issued by a member of the Administrative Team. Cheating in any form is not only frowned upon but will result in an automatic suspension or ban; cheating includes but is not limited to: use of out of character information in character, failure to report exploits or errors in the game system, accessing portions of the forum for which you are not supposed to have access, etc. Finally, players are expected to play their worlds in a constructive manor; self destructive behavior may result in action being taken by the Administrative Team.

5. Out of Character Conduct: All members of the community that participate in out of character discussion are expected to do so in manor that is considerate and respectful of the staff, community, and your fellow members. If it becomes necessary for any member of our Avatar or Administrative team to end a discussion or caution a member to change their behavior verbal (written) warning will be issued first. Failure to end the discussion or correct the behavior may result in a member of the Administrative Team issuing a formal warning. Continued failure to end the discussion or take corrective action may result in multiple warnings being issued. If, as a member, you feel that a staff member is behaving inappropriately you should contact a member of the Administrative Team to review the situation.

6. Inter-Personal Conflict: While disagreements are sure to take place, resorting to personal insults, overly aggressive behavior, or character attacks is unacceptable. Such behavior will be reviewed by a member of the Administrative Team and result in both a warning and an automatic suspension of posting privileges. Repeated violations of this nature will result in you being suspended for the remained of the round. If you feel that a Staff Member is behaving inappropriately you should bring it to the attention of a member of the Administrative Team. Do not antagonize a staff member by publicly engaging with them - contact an Administrator immediately and allow them to resolve the situation.

7. Warnings, Suspensions, and Banning: Except when other action is specified in the Code of Conduct, receipt of a warning does not constitute punishment in its own right, it is merely a warning and indicates that the community member should endeavor to improve their behavior. That said, as additional warnings are accumulated penalties will be assigned as follows: Receipt of three warnings in a game round will result in a 24 suspension of posting privileges, this suspension will be in addition to any other penalty you are assigned. Receipt of a fourth warning will result in a 72 hour suspension of posting privileges in addition to any other penalty you are assigned. Receipt of a fifth warning will result in your being suspended for the remainder of the round. Warnings may be removed at the discretion of the Administrative Team, once corrective action has been taken by the community member, or if sufficient time has passed. A Ban is the most extreme form of punishment, and is reserved for those community members who are deemed so irresponsible or incapable of redemption that they will not be allowed back into the community even after the end of the round. A Ban will not be issued unless all members of the Administrative Team agree that it is necessary.

This Code of Conduct is subject to review and modification at any time, without notice.

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