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Round 31 Announcements
Round 31 Announcements Thread

Stay informed!
Round 30 draws to a close, and the Round 31 restart begins, PM Sheriden if you would like to join the restart team.
Restart Update:

As you've likely seen, I've been posting a lot of the material that's already been developed for this round. However there are still several major projects we need top undertake. One of the projects I've asked the restart team to focus on presently is development of our ground and atmospheric unit list. So if you would like to help with developing the unit list please let me know.

The starship list is already well underway... Please review it and let me know if you think there is an important starship missing. But keep in mind that we need unit stats if we're going to include something. So provide a wookiepedia link and if the unit doesn't have cannon stats provide some that you think are suitable.

The next big project is recruitment. This round has been designed to accommodate a smaller player base, but that doesn't mean we don't want to grow, so now is the time to start reaching out to old friends who have left the game recently... New friends who have never played before... And Star Wars fans who have never heard of us.

But with recruitment comes a need for clear guides to help our new players learn the ropes. You don't need to be an expert to write up explanations about how things work! So please get in touch if you're willing to jot down your thoughts and help explain what exactly this game is all about.
Work continues, slower then we would have hoped, but the progress has been steady none the less. Big praise to Proxy Moxie who has been stead fast and productive. At this time I continue to seek applications for at least one additional Avatar. I am not looking for player-avatars at this time. If you are not interested in being an avatar, but are willing to help get us across the finish line of the restart, please get in touch. There are several small but necessary projects I would love to delegate out that any member can be instrumental in completing. Both tasks which require skill and thought, and tasks which require nothing but copy and paste effort.
Restart Update:

If I were to estimate how much we've done and how much we have left to do, we're about 75% of the way done with the restart. Units are 99% done; there are some quality of life edits I'd like to see made to the unit posts to make it easier for Players and Avatars to make use of the unit lists... But we won't focus on those edits unless we get more volunteers for the restart.

Starting PDFs are the major piece that still needs to be finished. We're paying particular attention to the playable entities, but every world and sector in the Outer Rim / New Territories is getting a unique PDF. Luckily spreadsheets are our friends and are making the work progress smoothly.

Soon I'll be announcing our plan for beginning of round recruitment activities. We're going to need your help reaching out to old and new players to try and bulk up our numbers.

Lastly, and the most important factor, is that we still need an Avatar Team. I can't run the round by myself. Though I'm willing to try, it's sure to fail eventually. So please consider stepping up and volunteering to join the team. Otherwise this game won't be ready to start when we finish the restart work.
Restart Update

8 of 42 "player controlled entities" have had their starting military finalized and 1 of 35 NPC Sectors have been finished. Pending the completion of the player and NPC PDFs we'll be able to do a final double check of the econ spreadsheet and verify that the game economy is balanced. After that double check we'll be able to start posting planet and sector stat cards to the game forums at which point we'll be 99% ready for game launch.

In the olden days we could turn around a restart in a week or two. Sadly that isn't the case anymore, with fewer people contributing and with more manual work to do, particularly with the quantity of stats we're having to re-generate for the first time. But I'm hopeful that the quantity and quality of work being done now will help reduce the amount of work needed for future restarts.

It's hard to predict how long this final stretch will require to finish. It's taken us a month to get this far. I'd like to say we'll be at the finish line within two weeks. But it could take longer if we hit any snags.

As always, if you're willing to help with the restart, or as an Avatar once the round starts, please let me know.
Restart Update

15 of 42 "player controlled entities" have had their starting military finalized and 2 of 35 NPC Sectors have been finished, additionally the Imperial Fleet and the NRDF have been finalized.

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