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Planet Applications
Round 31 Planet Applications

Apply for the planet of your dreams by posting here.

You are required to submit an application with three (3) ranked choices, at least one of those choices must be for a Sector Moff, at least one of those choices must be for a Planetary Governor. All choices must be from entities on the Planet List. Failure to submit three (3) ranked choices that conform to these criteria will result in the avatar team assigning you to an entity of their choice.  While we will endeavor to fulfill your Imperial Dreams by assigning you your top choice, the Avatar Team reserves the right to assign worlds based on the needs of the round. Brownie points will be granted to those who help with the restart, help with recruitment of new players, to those who act as mentors and support the community, etc.  Players are also permitted to send Sheriden Private Messages with secret plans and malevolent schemes that might influence what world they get assigned.

Applications are presently Open.
-Prefsbelt Sector Moff
-Ord Thoden

Assigned to Borosk. -Sheriden
Long time nation sim player, first time SW: D player.

I'll take any placement really, especially if it helps the team and is something not too strategically dire. The humbler the better.

Assigned to Bextar. -Sheriden
-Imperial Clacis Sector Moff

Assigned to Endex. -Sheriden
"I find your lack of faith disturbing."
1 Yaga Minor
2 Bastion
3 Braxant Sector Moff

Assigned to Yaga Minor. -Sheriden
Long time nations player, been a bit since I played a round here, but glad to be back

1 - Braxant Sector Moff [still want this, even though we are not starting as Moffs]
1 for real - Bastion
2 - Bescane
3 - Bnar

Assigned to Bastion. -Sheriden
Ah its good to be back.

- Imperial Prefsbelt Sector Moff
- Braxant Sector Moff
- Prefsbelt

Assigned to Prefsbelt. -Sheriden
- Obrexta Sector Moff
- Jaemus
- Entralla

Assigned to Jaemus. -Sheriden
Moff Gallius Rax
Governor of Jaemus
Imperial High Command
Yaga Minor

Assigned to Varvorna. -Sheriden
- Dynali Sector Moff
- Taspir
- Muunilinst

Assigned to Taspir. -Sheriden

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