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Military News
Round 31 Military News
Borosk Puts Veteran's to the Front
Rehabilitation Program off the Ground

The world of Borosk is known best throughout the Empire as being a fortress world that sits on the border with the New Republic and non-aligned worlds of the galaxy. While the world is by no means rich, the program has been well received by the public and indeed by the Empire proper. The new program focuses on three main aspects, cybernetic replacements for lost limbs, the establishment of veteran homeless shelters, and the creation of a new veterans hospital. This program comes just short of a billion credits, but while the program is not held up for construction with its cybernetic portion, the new hospital and homeless facilities will take some time.

Despite logistical setbacks in terms of the necessary construction of facilities however, the project has been found to be more than adequate to the needs of the Imperial Combat Veterans population. This is largely owing due to the relatively small amount of Combat Veterans in the Imperial Remnants Territory. Grand Moff Ardus Kaine's Pentastar Alignment had remained largely out of the Galactic Civil War following it's formation, even offering little more than a small amount of material support to Grand Admiral Thrawns Campaign. Still even after 12ABY survivors of conflict with the Republic were none too common, exemplified in the Battle of Anx Minor which was a general route for the Remnant after losing no less than eight Star Destroyers outright.

+1DP (care for our vets)

Costs as per adjutants report
[Image: Insidious.png]

Bastion -
Breaking news! A tense stand off is currently taking place in orbit of Bastion! The root of this stand off appears to be the controversial super computer that Bastion has previously been working on. Apparently, after orders from the Braxant Sector Moff, Galen Covarion, to shut the program down and destroy the computer, the Bastion government has decided to do something different. Please note, we do not have access to all of the information as this is a developing story.

What we do know, is forces of the Braxant Sector Group--specifically the 22nd Braxant Intervention Squadron--have deployed both to the surface of Bastion and in orbit. Forces on the ground seem to have occupied the facility where the supercomputer had been operating previously, apparently with little resistance from the occupants. However, shortly after an increased level of comm chatter was detected, and then the space forces of the 22nd appeared to intercept a group of freighters attempting to leave the system. These freighters have an unknown cargo, but are tagged as operating as a part of Bastion's Planetary Defense Forces. At this time, the 22nd has surrounded the freighters, and are holding position.

Tensions are high. Further in private reports.
I have spent far too many years here... yet I can't stay away...
Stand Off Comes to an End

Bastion - 
The tense stand off between forces of the 22nd Intervention Squadron and freighters flying the banner of the Bastion Planetary Defense Force has come to an end without shots being fired. All we know at this time, is several boarding craft from the 22nd Squadron were observed taking control of the three freighters. Since then, the freighters have moved to join the 22nd in formation.

Shortly after, forces of Moff Covarion were seen escorting Governor Alikiar Thecose from the Imperial Capitol. While we do not the exact details of this, sources close to the situation have stated that the governor has been placed under arrest for a currently unreleased charge. We are sure that more information will be available as this situation is brought under control by the Moff.
I have spent far too many years here... yet I can't stay away...

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