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Political News
Round 31 Political News
[Image: Imperial_Headquarters.jpg]
Imperial Headquarters, Bastion

Gilad Pellaeon, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, has convened a closed door session with the 8 Sector Moffs of the Imperial Remnant. A public relations attaché working with the Supreme Commanders office has indicated that the session may be related to recent calls for the downsizing of the Imperial Fleet and Sector Forces following the conclusion of the war with the New Republic.
[Image: Imperial_Headquarters.jpg]
Imperial Headquarters, Bastion

An explosion has been reported at Imperial Headquarters on Bastion. It seems that a conference room and several adjoining hallways and offices has been the target of unknown assailants. Early reports confirm that Gilad Pellaeon, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, is safe and was evacuated from the facility prior to the attack. However the status of other building occupants has yet to be confirmed. Of particular note was the presence of all 8 Sector Moffs at Imperial Headquarters earlier today - none of which have been seen since the explosion racked the facility.
Situation remains uncertain[/center]

Following the simultaneous death of nearly all the Empires Moffs, the Imperial Ministry of Information and Culture has submitted an update to the citizens of the Empire on the situation.

Quote:"Early investigation indicates that the explosion was an accident related to a demonstration of an experimental system being developed by an Imperial contractor, that blew up. Unfortunately, this demonstration took place in a meeting area near where the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet and the eight Sector Moffs were meeting. It is now confirmed that Supreme Commander Pellaeon and Moff Quillan of the Velcar Sector were the only survivors."

Reaction to this report has been met with mixed attitudes among the Imperial populace, with some expressing relief and others varying lean into skepticism or conspiracy theory. No specific point of view has taken a strong dominant precedence among the public.

Meanwhile patrols have been stepped up along the Republic side of the border, this has had little effect overall except the capture of a few additional smugglers who appear unrelated to the matter at hand. The Imperial Fleet Commanded by Gillaad Pallaeon has undertaken some increased patrols of it's own, however no border Moffship nor Governorship has reportedly partaken in as much themselves. There have been no reports of conflict nor clash at the time of this reporting between forces of the Republic and Empire.

Additionally the Imperial Ministry of Information and Culture has submitted a second publication reassuring the seating of replacement Imperial Moffs.

Quote:"Vasily Gideon has been confirmed as the new High Moff, while replacements for the seven dead Sector Moffs will be confirmed shortly. This is truly a sad day for the Empire, and we ask that all Imperial citizens take a moment in remembrance of the those killed in the explosion."

However  most citizens aren't terribly familiar with their Moffs and have little investment in whom leads their sectors.

+2DP (An accident? oh, good we're safe)
-2DP (An accident huh? you seriously expect me to buy that?)
Circumstances tense, but acceptable[/center]

With the recent filling of Imperial Ministries the Imperial Ministry of Foreighn Affairs has appointed and dispatched a formal Ambassador to the New Republic Senate marking his arrival with an introductory speech.

Quote:"Esteemed Senators,

The New Republic and the Empire have seen the final end of bloody conflict between our two governments with the signing of the of the Pallaeon-Gavrisom Treaty. This has ended years of regretful bloodshed and astronomical cost on both sides. And while I and my superiors operate under no illusion of the challenges that the future holds for New Republic - Empire relations; I have been asked to do everything I can to lessen the tensions and repair the mistrust between our governments. The time in which we both find ourselves in one of rebuilding, of realignment, and of a repairing of trust.

And that is my job, Esteemed Senators: to rebuild, recreate economic ties, and ensure that our two great organizations can stand, if not as friends, at least as amiable neighbors in the coming years. My office will always be open to any of you who wish to air concerns, ask questions, or bring forward ideas for furthering that goal. I hope that this will be a first step in showing you the dedication of our Empire to create that necessary trust and that necessary partnership.

We have more in common than either of us think, as well as more ties than either of us think. Two prime examples that I can think of are that the banks of Muunilinst continue to be the guarantors of Republic Credit, and the Empire has welcomed one of its first non-human Imperial Governors: who also serves as a member of the Imperial Cabinet: the Toydarian, and Imperial Governor, Moda Lester.

Thus I will leave you with this: what does this new age in Galactic history bring? Will it bring renewed war, of which we are all weary? Or will it bring peace, economic development, and cooperation between two former enemies: to shine a light of stability and prosperity across the galaxy?"

The New Republic Senate has opened their doors to him, but with concern over the recent death of the Empires Moffs their attitude towards teh Ambassador has been more largely pensive in nature.

Imperial Ambassador Allistor Nesser has arrived and established himself as Ambassador to the New Republic
The galaxy watches closely
Bastion, Braxtant Sector - Late last night the Imperial Council of Moffs finalized a vote to approve appointments to replace the tragic loss of Moffs in the explosion in the capital buildings earleir this week. Appointments were made for every Moffship except Velcar, as Castin Quillan is wtill alive, if in critical condition at Bastion Military Hospital.
There is no indication as of yet to the plans of the newly appointed Moffs, appointed from loyal Imperial Governors from across the eight remainder sectors of the Imperial Remnant. However the move has done little to ease the spike in tension over the tragic loss of life of seven of the Empires nine highest leaders. There still haven't been any confrontations between the Empire or Republic on the border, a fact Admiral Pallaeon has attributed to instructions to his forces not to engage except the Republic were to cross the border directly. However some law enforcement professionals have reported smugglers seem to be avoiding the border for now.
7 New Moffs Appointed
[Image: AdY1QKP.jpg?1]
Imperial Embassy on Mygeeto

Jygat, Mygeeto -
As the year continues, the Imperial government has begun efforts to normalize relations with systems in its part of the galaxy. Leading this effort is the newly appointed Moff, Trevor Nielsen, an up and coming member of the Imperial government. In just this year, the former governor of Prefsbelt IV has been promoted to Moff of the entire Prefsbelt Sector, and then quickly appointed the position of Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs. As the Minister, Moff Nielsen has been making overtures to the New Republic, establishing a permanent diplomatic presence with the former enemy of the Empire, and is now moving towards improving relations with our immediate neighbors.

Imperial embassies have been set up across the Albarrio Sector--from the capital world of Aris to the industrial power house of Mygeeto. For the most part, these embassies have been welcomed with "lukewarm" feelings. While none of the planets where embassies have been established have hostile relations with the Empire, the current situation has made some of the populations hesitant to welcome the Imperials with open arms--especially on the heavily Muun world of Mygeeto. Some fear reintegration, others simply fear a spread of the old Imperial ideals, while others still welcome the security and order that the Empire brought with it.

It seems as if the Imperials were prepared for this however! First, they hired local businesses to construct the Embassies, resulting in a boon to some of the smaller worlds whose economies are struggling. Secondly, the Imperial missions on these world have begun a program to help revitalize the ailing planets they find themselves on. While these funds have done little for Mygeeto, the majority of the worlds the Empire is establishing these missions on are much less affluent, and the Imperial credits have been making a positive influence on the worlds. Public opinion on these worlds is improving!

Missions Established. Further details in private report.
I have spent far too many years here... yet I can't stay away...
Imperial Evacuation from Brintooin

Bextar - 
News has come from the world of Brintooin, that a loyal unit of Imperial Army Troopers is returning home. The 112th Repulsorlift Armor Regiment, an elite unit of the Imperial Army, is in the process of being repatriated to the Empire! The 112th has a long history of performing well in combat operations, operating both under Palpatine's Empire and during Grand Admiral Thrawn's push towards the galactic core. Through the cunning and capability of the unit commander, High Colonel Zel Johans, the 112th was able to maintain security of the world of Brintooin and ensure that the New Republic did not take the world. However, with the peace treaty it was time for the 112th to return home.

Through the efforts of Governor Lester and Ambassador Nesser, an agreement was reached with the New Republic to secure the ability to evacuate the world of Brintooin of Imperial assets and citizens. To this end, nearly every operational shuttle and transport ship in Bextar's small fleet has begun the process of moving men and material from across the galaxy back home. While it is expected to take the better part of a month to finish transporting everything and everyone, when the new year celebrations begin these loyal citizens will be celebrating in the Empire.

The 112th is being repatriated. Other results are private.
I have spent far too many years here... yet I can't stay away...
In an effort to fix recent missteps in the Governorship of Endex has taken steps to repatriate ostracized Entymals with the Hive and assert greater degrees of authority over hte Hives. Establishing a tax annex to the central most of the Entymal Hives has allowed the Empire to assert it's dominion over Endex and the Hives without engaging in acts of violence or bloodshed. The Entymals, still fresh remembered the days of Imperial Oppression have cooperated, mostly out of fear of retaliation should they fail to do so. The majority fo problems involving the ostracized Entymals have been resolved as they've been returned to the Hives and once again receive access to it's resources, they are still regarded as outsiders within their own homes and communities.
Crime lowers as desperate Entymals are returned to the Hives
See Adjutants Report
The Great Hunt
Bastion goes hunting for genes

Bastion - The Imperial Government of Bastion has announced a new program meant to expand the library of genetic information available to the wider IR for research and developmental purposes, a program to go to every known inhabitable world and sample, do research on and develop a genetic index and map of all living creatures, plants and other organisms. This program, which was started with just the live-forms on Bastion but which has quickly expanded out to the sector level, has seen already billions of species genetic information indexed and researched for the very first time, with thousands of new research papers already going out for peer review on this new wealth of information.

In addition at the same time, the Bastion government announced the construction and funding of a state of the art genetic engineering lab within the system that will allow researchers and engineers from across the galaxy to come and perform some of the most advance and complex studies imaginable, allowing even more research and development to be done, and more breakthroughs in the sphere of genetic engineering to happen.

Lastly, as a side note the Bastion government also announced the creation of a genetic engineering production facility, one that can turn any breakthroughs into workable items that can be massed produced for industrial use, allowing the value of this whole series of announcements to expand into economical realms, instead of just purely research.

"This will begin a new era of genetic engineering and research within the Empire, from pollution absorbing trees that will allow us to harvest the metals and minerals that they absorbed, to plants and animals that produce more food, and more nutrition for less energy put in. These labs will be at the forefront of genetic engineering, and will return dividends for the Empire many times over." - Alikiar Thecose, Governor of Bastion

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