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Rimcee Station
19 ABY:

[Image: Rimcee_Station.jpg]
So what is that thing I'm looking at in the above post?

It is a Planet Stat Card, sometimes called a Planet Data Card, and it includes all the data from a specific point in time on a given planet generated by our economy spreadsheet. Access to the economy spreadsheet is restricted so as to prevent gaming the system and these cards allow the avatar team to easily export information from it to the players. Follows will be a very brief description of the information included on the card:

Planet: The name of the planet the data card is for.
Sector: The name of the Sector the planet is located in.
Government: Information about the local form of government.
Faction: The faction the planet is affiliated with.
Popularity: The popularity of the government with the local population. Low numbers increase the risk of government instability, rebellion, and other negative consequences.
TPC: The Total Production Capacity of the planet.

Population: The total population of the planet.
Growth: The rate at which the population is growing or shrinking on an annual basis.

GDP: The Gross Domestic Product of the planet.
Growth: The rate at which the GDP is growing or shrinking on an annual basis.

Planet Ratings:

Debt: The total debt owed by your government to various external entities.
Interest: The interest rate charged against your debt annually.

Treasury: The cash on hand held by your government at any given point in time.
Interest: The interest rate paid to your government annually for the money held in your treasury.

Taxes: The tax rate you are charged by your Sector government annually.
Payment: The payment that tax rate resulted in you paying to the Sector government.

Upkeep: The total upkeep paid by your government for the maintenance of military units.

Income: Your final income after the collection of local taxes and other income, and the payment of Sector taxes and upkeep.

At the beginning of the game, if you were playing as Rimcee Station, you would have access to the money indicated in "Treasury" to spend. The money indicated in "Income" is a projection of what you will receive during the new fiscal year, assuming no changes take place that will alter your economy.

When the budget is run for the new fiscal year you will receive an updated Planet Stat Card with projections for the year to come. Your income will be rolled into your treasury, and the new projections will reflect the new year to come. However any expenses you incurred during the previous year will also have been removed from your treasury prior to that point.

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