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Production Orders
Rimcee Station Production Orders

TPC: 100
Order #001
Started Month 11, Day 20, 19 ABY

1  |  Imperial II-class Frigate  |    87,627,663 credits  |  9,831,986 upkeep  |  1,238 TPV / 100 TPC (assigned)
  • Completion Date: Month 9, Day 24, 22 ABY
Note on above example: The completion date is calculated as follows:  If you have assigned 100% of required TPC construction will take 3 months. If you have assigned less then 100% of required TPC, divide the TPV by the amount of TPC you have assigned and then multiply that value by 84 (the number of days in three months / please review the Round 31 Time Rules here), rounding up to find the number of days construction will require.

The TPC assigned to any production order will be unavailable for use for the duration of that production order. Players must ensure that they do not "double dip" into their TPC pool, and the avatar team may audit production orders at any time, with errors being assigned in character credit and TPC penalties of 10% of the identified errors. Repeat offenders may face stiffer penalties but will be cautioned that this is the case before such penalties are assessed.

Unlike past rounds players will not need to submit production orders for Avatar approval or finalization. They will be expected to self update their military rosters. This will require detailed record keeping by the players to ensure accurate rosters are maintained. All units beyond the starting PDFs assigned by the restart team must be accounted for with linked journal entries.

Players are encouraged to ask the avatar team for assistance with best practices for tracking Production Orders.

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