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Official RP Exchange
As SWD is a Roleplaying community we occasionally partner and exchange links between ourselves and other RP communities to allow for a reciprocal exchange of players and mutually distributed recruiting. We ask for links to be placed on both sites.

Anyway you lot get out there and start exploring already!

BD Simulations
Bearcat Simulations is a historical themed military and political simulation which makes a sopecial focus on simulating historical wars such as the American Civil War or the Napoleonic Wars, although medieval Scotland is also a popular setting they've returned to often. Their rules forum acts as an archive for the rulesets used in many of the prior rounds of the game.

Elliquiy -or E- is a community of narrative driven adult writers. A truly huge community with members of all stripes and interest from around the globe Elliquians share an appreciation for strong narrative writing and an open mind for the range of artistic variety and creativity (including both adult and non-adult themes).
-Please Note Elliquiy is a gated community which requires new members to pass through an approval process to receive full access to the board, more on that can be found on E's Introductions Board.

Nation: Global Powers

*Should the owner of any site included on this list wish to be removed from it, please contact SWD's current Site Adminitrator (Cthulhuvong as of the time of this writing) to submit your request.

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