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Bextar System News (BSN)
[Image: Futuristic-Technology-Quantum-Finance-Ma...puters.jpg]
Governor Lester Visits Entymal Slums - Pledges Reinvestment in Satellite Cloud Cities
[Image: slum.jpg]
In the worst worker slum of Bextar-2, the governor, with his entourage of stormtroopers spoke to drone community leaders

Month 11, 19 ABY - Bextar-2, Velcar Sector
With his usual enigmatic and friendly disposition, The Governor today went to visit elders of the Entymal workforce of the system's largest community, speaking of a future for Entymals in the system, one with better living conditions and higher pay, as investments by the government next year are set to scale up gas production, and their services as pilots would become even greater in demand.

The Governor began his speech, "I know you have heard of a utopia back in your homeworld, but I assure you, as you have probably seen in the holonet, but perhaps, unfortunately, your home is no longer as united or accepting as you once remembered it to have been. Despite our efforts to gain for you reparations for the enslavement and sale to our system by your former homeworld leadership, we have been rebuffed. We will continue to demand you receive compensation for what the new government of Endex calls, 'delusional rantings'. Well I do not see anything delusional about settling the accounts of the past so that the Empire can flourish in this new era. The Emperor was a stern and strong leader, but what many forget is his streak for reform and modernity. Here in Bextar we will continue through this ethos to reforge the Empire. To the Entymal, over a million of you still living in our system, I pledge to you, if you work alongside us, as free beings, to re-spark and increase the productivity of these system-worlds I will stand with you to better not only your conditions but the living standard of all that reside in Bextar".

Indeed the comments of the Endex governor's seemingly belligerent rant at her fellow system governors to discuss reparations has set off a series of embarrassing streak of conflict in her own system between the Entymals living there, further exacerbating the situation in the Sector session by responding to the proposal by Governor Lester with, "if you care to show what fools you are. You've certainly put on a display here."

Several systems and even Moffs have thus voiced support for Bextar's attempts to resolve the Endex-instigated "Entymal-Grab" as local news sources have begun referring to it. With support for Endex scant and seemingly nonexistent publicly in Imperial councils and discussions, one has to ask what exactly the goals of governor Ellen Elodie are? Division at such a critical time of the Empire's first chance at peace in decades.

In other news, stormtrooper raids have intensified over an alleged Wookie-led smuggling ring of Bacta.

+1 DP - The Entymal seem to be happier with the current arrangement, however they represent a small part of the overall population and there is much distrust to be worked through.
System Helps Others - Post-War Drawdown Begins
[Image: main-qimg-ce87129ff7c4bb249ce38340d190e210.webp]
As an AT-AT is prepared for long-distance transport, several dozens of other equipment has already made its way to systems in need.

Month 11, 19 ABY - Bextar-Prime, Velcar Sector
As the peace continues to settle over our system, alongside the rest of the Empire, we must look forward to a time to rebuild and restoke the new imperial heartlands. Rather than keeping such expensive and needless weapons to defend our cloud cities, Governor Lester has seen fit to work with others throughout the Empire to help fill their defensive needs.

Throughout our system, many older and largely offensive weapons are being prepared to be donated to less well-equipped systems and even to assist Sector Moffs with maintaining front-line defenses throughout the new borders. In turn, our fleet has already more than doubled and will soon triple in size due to the coming need to ensure adequate escort vessels are provided for our coming role as a major Imperial merchant marine hub.

From Bextar, soon hundreds of new vessels, not designed for war, but to facilitate and create a new, modern productive Empire will be launched from Bextar. As talks for a new Imperial Credit Union to resolve a looming debt hazard over future Imperial growth is soon to be put forward, the Empire can look towards a bright future with responsible leadership and a steady hand allowing for commercial activity to thrive once more before the rebellion.

Our own government has pledged three-billion dataries from next year's surplus to ensure that even small systems assist the recovery, while also positioning ourselves in order to gain steady returns from the interest generated by these friendly internal loans. One of the leading Economic Recovery Committee representatives, of Bextar system, Jeon Tarkon sat down with us over the holo for a recorded interview. "I have so far had a very productive and pleasant time with my peers from various other systems, and am happy to say that Velcar Sector in particular has taken a very sizeable role in shaping the future economic outlook for the Empire. Truly a sign of the changes already taking place, one in which outlying systems away from the capital are given a voice and can become truly effective agents for the betterment and glory of The Empire. I particularly look forward to seeing the ICU branches across my future travels becoming pillars of communities throughout our sectors. The Empire is Eternal!" 

As for the fleet itself, it will be busy enough providing much-needed escort duties to our future merchant fleet and act as a stabilizing force across the hyperspace lanes of Velcar, where demand for gases of all kinds is already rapidly increasing with the announcement of Entralla's massive new shipyard expansion program.

In other News: The Jedi - The Myths and Atrocities of Galactic Zealots.

+3 DP - Many on the world view this as a positive step, replacing money spent on weapons with money spent in the economy.
-1 DP - Hardliners don't like the thought of an Empire without many, many, guns and are not pleased with the draw down.
Heroes Return to The Empire!
[Image: aWLFqNn.png]
Led by the 1st Light Stormtrooper Battalion of Bextar System and an AT-AT, a parade was held for the Hell's Hammers across Bextar-Prime.

After years of perseverance and unwavering loyalty, the 'Heroes of Brintooin' have been returned to the Empire. Undefeated and against all odds, they held their post against repeated rebel and New Republic invasions for the glory of the Empire and the Emperor. As such, Governor Lester has organized a parade for the first wave of ships returning with our stalwart comrades. The 112th Repulsorlift Armor Regiment "Hell's Hammers", led by the brilliant and battle-hardened high-colonel Zel Johans, will be stationed on Bextar, a system already proficient in armoured warfare, and future home of the Imperial Armoured Corps School.

Additionally, of great interest to the rest of the Empire, production designs have been secured by the Bextar System government of the 1-H, 1-M, and 1-L Imperial Repulsortanks. Governor Lester put out an announcement regarding this, "With another successful endeavor completed, my system will begin distributing these designs to all Imperial system governments, and up to the chain of command. Soon we will be able to rebuild our mighty defense forces and our small contribution will assist in strengthening our armoured contingents for new vehicles and to produce proper spare parts and sub-systems".

Civilians too, over 10,000 have been repatriated to the system and by the new year, will call Bextar home alongside the soldiers they bravely supported through the years. Among them are many skilled technicians and industrial workers that miraculously kept Brintooin a fully combat capable fortress world.

The governor also has announced plans to establish the future Imperial Armoured School on one of the many gas giants in Bextar's moons, as the selection process for proper ones is underway. In other news, Entymal dishes that are edible for humans AND tasty!

+2 DP - Overall a satisfying event for the population.

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