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So, since we're getting some new people from Nations involved... I'm making an introductions thread! Queue the uncomfortable "get to know your classmates" activity that every fucking college teacher does on the first day...

I'm Shadows. I've been here for a long time. I've been playing NationSims for a long time. I'll be serving as your Head Avatar/Admin for this first round (also known as Round 27). I'll try to be as helpful as I can, but I'm also an asshole, so consider yourself warned.
I have spent far too many years here... yet I can't stay away...
I'm Wiry, I'm not as much of an old player as Shadows, having joined only in round 17, and spent most rounds between that one and this one being totally inactive. I'll be serving as the Chief of Staff for Round 27, the Vice Principal of SWD.
Oi. If you don't know me, just know that I am the resident extremist.
Marcus Darkstar here. I play Kuat enough said.
Falsegods, or FG, been playing on and off for a dozen years.
Juggernaught or Juggs here. Been around on and off for years.
Brit, I started playing in Round 15.
dafurr, played off and on for about ten years, I think.
Baron Tilde, or...whatever you want to call me.  This is my first time here, so bear with me as I try and wrap my head around all this.
Hello, I'm KH, been around since the Reagan Administration and was a Sub-Avatar through most of the Clinton Administration. I worked myself nearly to death on the old site, so I am glad Wiry, Shadows, Darth Cola and the boys (C-Vong)? have grabbed the baton. If I ever see Rian Johnson in public I will spit in his face.

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