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Leave of Absence
Please post all LoA announcements here.
Sorry for the lack of activity guys, I've just purchased my first home so it's been a stressful month

Will be active as of next week provided everything proceeds as I have foreseen
"But if sea levels rose, wouldn't islands just float?" - Jplumbo
"precious strikes are preferred" - Jplumbo
I tried contacting the staff about this but I'm not playing anymore. I dont really have the motivation or time to play this game analog doing all these production orders/clerical work for hours at a time. I havnt done an action in weeks if not over a month.
Player of Kuat and Rothana
Perhaps a less intense planet?
Moff Gallius Rax
Governor of Jaemus
Imperial High Command
Sorry for being AFK, I have had a busy week. Possible that activity will jump up next Wednesday. Sorry.
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I am increasingly confronted with the problem that any faceplam adequate to convey my exasperation will be of such force as to prove fatal.
Will continue to be on infrequently for next 2-3 weeks, as am moving back to England to take up a master's degree + scholarship. Should be fully active after then Smile
going to be working on the road starting tomorrow, no activity starting Monday evening to Friday Morning. if you need to get ahold of me just pm me or leave a message on Discord. I will get to it as soon as I get back.
Back and beautiful!
Reduced activity until further notice. Job search has my attention and focus at the moment.
[Image: uc?id=12l1f07TZzbVPOCjVw_KVbi0feLCBXXw9]

"The Vicksburg campaign has been studied by military professionals ever since July of 1863. In fact in the Army's warfighting manual, it highlights the Vicksburg campaign as the most brilliant campaign ever waged on American soil. And so whereas the Civil War is often referred to as the last of the Old Wars - first of the Modern Wars - Grant can be termed the first modern American warrior."

- "Grant," History Channel
going LOA till the next round starts and resigning my planet. See you guys next round!

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