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Talk and talk and talk and talk....
So how long has this been going on?
Same answer your wife gives you after you confront her about her cheating on you... "for a while now"
Dooku:  Oh my naive young Jedi, you must be overly optimistic if you think these Weequayans plan to let you leave this planet.
Anakin: They're planet hopping thieves looking for a quick score, they have no interest in picking a fight with Jedi.
Dooku: They are devious and deceitful, and most importantly, stupid. 
Obi-Wan: It's no wonder you get along with them so well Dooku, you have so much in common.
Dooku: You under-estimate them at your own peril...Kenobi...
Ever since the crappy host destroyed the previous site with a PHP upgrade or something that kept anyone from accessing the ACP and then refused to take simple steps to fix it. Tongue

It's a blessing in disguise, though.

We've been working behind the scenes for a while trying to basically remake SWD to work without any special coding, and it came together very quickly. Shadows has been the driving force behind this whole thing, so as Wiry said in the announcements thread in response to what Shadows said about him "just being here" or something, Shadows is way, way too modest. I think SWD would have died without him.

I actually think the game will be better without all of the automation. Sure, certain features with the modded code were convenient and it helped the staff immensely, but I was actually starting to dislike how much automation was coming into certain things on the previous site, and I think now, we're going to have a game that goes back to the basics, and it's going to be more player-involved and there will be more RP'ing in the IC forums, and overall, I think I'm going to like this version better.

Plus, the alternative, had the previous forum not broken down, would have been to either have a round with most of the coding features not being used (voiding the reason for a beta round in the first place), or waiting for months or years to get a coder to actually finish the project without disappearing in the middle of a task.

This way, we have a running game that can work with any version of the forum software, and we're starting very soon as opposed to an indefinite delay due to crappy service by the host. Smile
(06-07-2018, 06:32 AM)Darth Cola Wrote: I actually think the game will be better without all of the automation.

What is the round year/era?
(06-07-2018, 04:26 PM)Falsegods Wrote: What is the round year/era?
It's 6 ABY in new canon
So right after Endor, but with the rebooted trajectory?

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